Animation for Reiswerk Pensioenen. Animated by Studio 05.

Animation for De N8cht vd Kunst en Wetenschap, Groningen. Animated by Studio 05.

Project: TV commercial for Nedvang Plastic Heroes campaign
Client: Alta
Illustrations & Storyboard: Maki
Animation: Zoltan Korai
Voice over: Peer Mascini
project manager Shop Around: Jolijn van Rees

Plastic Heroes commercial
from Shop Around on Vimeo

Animation for Platform GRAS and the Gemeente Groningen who organised some parking debates. Collaboration with Nienke Ontwerp.

Animation for Stivoro to help people quit smoking. Animated by Zoltan Korai.

Animation to promote Nieuwe Revu. Animated by Zoltan Korai. Concept by Bert Dijkstra. Storyboard and text by MAKI. Illustrations by Bert Dijkstra and MAKI.

Stop motion promo

Animation test