October 2015
It's been a while. We've finally added some new work to our site. Check out new stuff for Belsimpel, Sail Amsterdam, The Brickmakers and more!

October 2014

Working on a logo... With ketchup!

October 2013

Website updated with new work for BNN, Revu, It's All About the Meat Baby and more. Enjoy.

September 2013
Our first children's book 'Vik is Vervelend' hits the stores now. It's published by De Vier Windstreken

December 2012
Updated the site with new work for Albert Heijn, Plastic Heroes, Bloemenbureau and more!

May 2012
We were awarded with Sanoma's 'Prix Petit' for best illustration of the year! An illustration for an article about Kids-TV in Nieuwe Revu magazine, they depicted the stars of kids shows as money-hungry zombies.

Out of more than hundred illustrations, coming from all the Sanoma magazine titles this was chosen to be the illustration of the year.

January 2012
Updated the site with loads of new stuff. Including work for Plus, Grand Italia, Nieuwe Revu and Esta.

May 2011
We just added a new design for Nike to our site.

May 2011
We have an interview up at Send a Smile. It's in dutch, so get your Google Translator ready: click. Also, don't forget to take a look at our card shop there.

May 2011
We're working on a new identity for a temporary summer resaurant in Vienna. It's called Fish and Chip Shop. Here's a preview:

April 2011
We're happy to announce our new website. We'll add more stuff as soon as we have some time. Enjoy.